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We can provide complete, well-engineered, and economical designs for any of the light gage steel framing applications listed below. Shop drawings include floor plan, elevations, section, and connection details. All of our drawings are drawn with CADD and are backed up with stamped calculations.

Curtain Wall Studs have only wind (or lateral) loads applied to them. To prevent these studs from having axial loads applied to them, slide clips or deflection track is often used where the studs are attached to the rest of the structure except at the base. Stud framing around openings (doors and windows) are usually designed for these projects in addition to the wall studs.

Axially Loaded Studs are like curtain wall studs in that the studs have to withstand lateral loading. However, axially loaded designs also have to incorporate axial loads (loads parallel to the stud length). Essentially, the studs in such a design support the floor or roof above the studs in addition to the walls. Axially loaded studs are often used in buildings which will have wood roof trusses. In such cases, the truss layout and specific truss design sheets are required to properly design the studs, headers, and header supports (jack studs). Axially loaded studs usually also have to provide the racking resistance for the structure to prevent the building from tilting over. Racking resistance in metal stud walls can be provided by light gage steel shear walls with either X-strapping or contractor plywood attached to the studs. As with buildings with curtain wall studs, stud opening framing is usually provided with these designs.

Joists and Rafters are the horizontal members in a building that support flooring and the sloped members at the roof that support the roof sheathing, respectively. Both types of framing members can have a variety of loads on them including live, snow, gravity, wind (suction and pressure), and dead. Bridging spacing of these members often has a considerable effect on their strength.

Stadium Seating Areas or Platforms are often used in theaters, places of worship etc. They use a combination of axially loaded studs and joists.

Trusses and Frames are combinations of members in the same plane that are joined together to provide a sloped upper surface, often at a roof. Like joists and rafters, a variety of loads (live, snow, gravity, wind, and dead) have to be investigated and applied to the truss or frame's top chord. The loads are transferred from the top chord to the webs and then to the bottom chord.

Reflected Ceiling Plan are coordinated with mechanical, electrical and sprinkler trades and show all items that penetrate the ceiling system; (drywall, suspended acoustical tile, etc).

The employees of LSA Inc. are well-trained in all of the above light gage steel framing possibilities noted above. Because LSA Inc. provides only design documents and is not a manufacturer, the designers will use any appropriate components that you request.

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